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lelulim ™ Crochet Hooks, 10 Pieces.

lelulim ™ Crochet Hooks, 10 Pieces.

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lelulim ™ Crochet Hooks is made with Elastomer Rubber so you will experience a viscoelasticity: a comfortable easy grip. They are soft and let the yarn to slide effortlessly. The handles are in bright colors so you can easily identify sizes. The packaging is without plastic. There is a paper-based protection into the box to smoothly secure the hooks from moving: it strengthens the whole packaging structure. 

The Set includes 10 sizes

•Size B (2.25mm)- Item No. LMS02-B
•Size C (2.75mm)- Item No. LMS03-C
•Size D (3.25mm)- Item No. LMS04-D
•Size E (3.5mm)- Item No. LMS05-E
•Size F (3.75mm)- Item No. LMS06-F
•Size G (4.0mm)- Item No. LMS07-G
•Size 7 (4.5mm)- Item No. LMS08-7
•Size H (5.0m)- Item No. LMS09-H
•Size I (5.5mm)- Item No. LMS10-I
•Size J (6.0mm)- Item No. LMS11-J


  • Aluminum
  • Elastomer Rubber
  • Love by our creative team
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